About SoMA Awards

The SOMA is an award presented to recognize, honor and celebrate individuals and corporate enterprises that practice digital excellence and use online technology for good.

The prestigious internet award has transformed content creators and businesses to align with global digital transformation best practices.

Since 2013 SOMA has been heavily involved in the adoption of social media in Kenya by directly empowering 615 content creators, brands and thought leaders as nominees, engaged more than 1,800 agencies and brands representative, forged direct partnership with the ministry of ICT and other government agencies, and directly engaging more than 160k Kenyans.

These are indicators of the growing relevance and importance of social media and the need to continue building a vibrant ecosystem of influencers, agencies and brands to help them harness greater value from social media.

SoMA Process

The process of winning a SOMA has been redefined to not only reward merit but also influence measure influence.

The public will nominate preferred personalities and brands, judges will review and shortlist the best top five nominees per category.

The five nominees will be subjected to a public vote where the nominee with the highest number of votes will be declared the winner. One mobile number or email address will not be able to vote more than once.