Waihiga is the Head of Digital Services, Managing Editor and a News Anchor at the Royal Media Services Ltd. In his additional role as the Head of Digital, Waihiga has championed the digital process transformation journey for the Group’s functions and introduced innovative products that have increased combined audience reach, optimized user experiences and increased revenue from Digital products. RMS adopted a digital first strategy that involves development of strategic partnerships with relevant stakeholders and roadmap for the design, development and, upskilling of teams and innovative product development initiatives to stay ahead of competition.

Silas is a digital transformation leader who educates the market on Google’s advertising solutions and contributes strategically to the growth, development, and direction of Google’s products and services in Sub Saharan Africa. He has extensive experience covering multiple products/services ranging from insurance, banking, cars, jobs, property, , the Telco industry, aviation industry and more. Before joining Google, he worked at Group M as the Digital Media Director where he worked collaboratively and smartly with inter-agency teams to deliver on digital marketing strategy and campaigns. He Played a major role in research, planning and development of comprehensive digital integration plans, Platform optimization and client partnership development.

Moses is the CTO at ABSA bank where he has been at the forefront leading the digital transformation reshaping the financial sector. He supports the development of innovative Fintech products and integration of digital and offline channels to deliver hyper-personalized user experience. Before joining ABSA, He was the CIO at Vodafone where he Led information & ccommunication’s technology Strategy & Execution and championing digital experience implementation across customer channels. He also Worked at Safaricom PLC as the Head of Converged Service Operations where he combined both Telco & IT to create single accountability & maximum efficiencies through a strong digitization & automation Drive.

Eric is an innovative digital transformation leader with extensive experience in fintech, telecommunications and next -tech sectors. He is currently working at MasterCard where he has grown through different positions focusing on innovations, digital payment solutions and building strategic relationships with acquirers’ ecosystem. He is also involved in the Master card lab and the global research and development division that innovate around digital payments and e-commerce. Before joining Mastercard, Eric worked as the General Manager at Finserve Africa Limited a Subsidiary of Equity Bank where he drove Equitel customer acquisitions and app installations.